Mentor, Encourage, Lift and Love, Inc. - Providing Life Skills and Educational Workshops to Teen Parents
The story behind M.E.L.L.
I gave birth to my first child at the age of 18. Struggling as a a single parent raising a male child, I faced many obstacles. Even though I had the support of my family, I did not develop the proper parenting skills to provide for his emotional needs and did not have access to the necessary resources needed to raise my son to be a young man, and prepare him for the world ahead. The relationships I engaged in after he was born were less than positive and without the proper guidance I subjected myself and son to years of emotional, mental and eventually physical abuse.
Shortly after the demise of my husband, as a result of constant bullying by his peers, my son became a victim of the streets. As a result of his actions, he is currently serving a 35 year sentence at  the Maryland Department of Corrections. Depresssed and feeling like my world was falling apart, I decided to take a step back and re-examine my life. I wondered what I could have done differently in raising my son. Could I have been a better parent?
As I raise my younger son, there are many parental skills I perform differently as a older parent, than when I was an 18 year old teenager. I want to teach teen parents the correct choices to make in their lives and the lives of their children. With the proper guidance, education and support, my vision is to have M.E.L.L. provide teen parents with the opportunity to become positive role models and provide a better future for their children.
The work of this organization is dedicated to my son Mell.
Tammie  Amoroso - Mobley
Those who judge me don't matter...Those who matter don't judg me..
Author Unknown
Keeping My Feet On  The Ground, and My Head Towards The Sky..
J. Bobb-Semple
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